Friday, January 10, 2014

An Amazing Things

On this lovely Saturday morning, I saw one amazed things in front of my eyes. I called is an amazing things as very rare to see nowadays. I sat at the restaurant nearby my site with my colleauge. The story begin like this. Here came one old lady with miserable look asking for a money from us. Honestly, I had nothing to give as I met my colleauge accidentally while on my way to site. With a broken heart, I softly said- I'm sorry, Aunt. I just watched her from far begging for money from table to another table. However, something caught my eyes when the lady paused for a moment at one table. There is one guy asked her a few question.Well, I heard the question being asked actually cause he sat not too far from the table I sat. He asked -Aunt, are u begging money for food or for people?. He instructed the lady to sit at the next table. That moment really make me feel grateful and I prayed to Allah .Please bless that lucky man.. Ameeen. YOU have sent someone with a good heart to help this lady.

* The moral value of the story is, if U can't help the people in need, never ever insult them.
In malay version,- Jika tidak mampu memberi, jangan mencaci. Mereka juga punya hati seperti kita.
Love them like u love urself and treat them like u wanna be treated. That's all for today..

Happy Working guys! ^-^

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