Monday, July 13, 2015

Allah Is Near

Hye.. Assalamualaikum..

How are u all today? I hope those whoever read this always under HIS Mercy n happy always. Ameen. . It such quite long time I havent post my entry in English..huu. Maybe coz I dont feel confident speaking anymore eventhough no matter how many time my lovely dad has stressed about the importance of english to me..Im really  sorry pa..Im trying..

Hmm.. u know what.. I woke up this morning with different feeling. The feeling of calm overwhelm me. I smile for no reason..kinda weird I guess..

By the way, today is 27 night of Ramadhan and 3 days more and This Holy Month will leave us soon.. This special month is really bring more meaning to a muslim life. It is the month where all d prayers and duaa will be granted by HIM InsyaAllah..

This week I guess has been a tough week for me.. But deep in my heart I never feel either dissappointed or regret of testament that He has given me,.but I feel grateful instead coz all the testament made me of who I am now. I feel that He always close to me no matter how sinful I am. He never leave me.. yeah of course u do have those people around u that love u  but who else who love u the most?? ALLAH.. He always be there for u no matter what.. here is one of a duaa that I always make when I was going through a tough time and I would like to share with all of u.

" Ya Allah, when I lose hope because my plans have come to nothing...Then help me remember that, Your Love is always greater than my dissapointments and Your plan for my life are always better than my dream.."

My mom has always adviced me when I always grumbled about hectic life or how tired I was during my working life past few months. "Angah, Life is just a test. We are given life here in dunya to obey Allah and all his order. To have faith in Allah, and to always remember Him no matter what, through ease and hardship, akhirah and  jannah is our destination and may all of us be gathered in jannah one day.ameen..  

Dont pray for life to be easy..Pray for yourself to be strong..

My final word is...It’s never too late to repent to Allah. Allah opens our door for taubah just so wide u cant imagine.. MasyaAllah. He is the Forgiver, He is the most Merciful.  Allah is near and he is waiting for us to go to Him, to cry to Him, to worship Him, to bend on our knees for Him, to pray Him, to let out all of our sorrows and griefs to Him, He’ll listen. He’ll never stop listening. Have Iman and work righteous actions, and take small consistent steps to improve.. 

Last but foremost,to whoever reading this.. I would like to say sorry for any wrongdoings that I have made.. I love all of u right from the bottom of my heart.. ^-^

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