Tuesday, November 15, 2011


everything seems changing around me..
i could sense that everything is change n i always do believe that people n everything on earth have to change in order to survive in this challenging world..a world which people sometimes may describe deceived world..there are certain things which they at times say the world is not fair in which in certain situation people being not fair to them n etc.
therefore,what u gotta do?
-face with with courage...never feel afraid of doing something new coz u may never succeed if u just be at one place without improving anything..improving themselves i mean..
-never take their words seriously coz it will dampen ur confidence if u keep thinking about people
-and the most important among all-always pray to ALLAH,never leave reciting Al-quran as it will lead u to the right path..n always always have faith in HIM(ALLAH)..sometimes people tend to say "yeah,i always do believe in him"..but only Allah knows how sincere is him/her or how high the level of their confidence in HIM..HE knows whats the best for u..n if something bad happen,always be open n "redha" okay?
advice to myself n for people i love so much...

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