Monday, November 4, 2013



            As i grew older, I realized that everything happened for a reason. Its really a good reason and not everything in this world that u love u'll get it instantly. There are things u may hate so much u'll get it at the end. Hence I believe everything u need will come at the perfect time. For instance, honestly I don't really like to stay at site as i find it so adventurous and kinda bored.
            But from time to time I suddenly realized there is a good reason behind it. It change me to be a better and tough person. I learned how to be an independent and survivor in a strange place. As i travel around the country, I learned how to survive in any kinda situation. Honestly its not as easy as u think, but I've made it through at least with prayers of family throughout the journey. I may not be of who I am today without HIM by my side.He is my first love.Always be with me in happy and sad times, THANK YOU ALLAH~
             When obstacles arise, u change ur direction to reach ur goal, u do not change ur decision to get there. You just have to believe in yourself and no matter how hard the obstacles just keep moving on~ ^-^

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