Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Today I would like to share a topic about trust. Many people will give so many definition about trust. As for me, trust mean when you can put your life on someone's hands and still feel safe! Trust is being able to depend upon someone or something completely. Knowing that what you believe to be true is true. A great example is crossing a bridge. When you drive or walk across a bridge you trust the engineers and contractors to have built that bridge to last. You expect that you will get from one side to the other without incident. That is trust. Haaa..easy and simple right?

Anyhow,  I guess trust is the most important aspect in building a relationship. Once I heard people always say this - TRUST take years to build
                            seconds to break
                            forever to repair..
If you dont put trust in a person that u love, How can u sustain that relationship? Am I rite?
However I do believe that, if u break the trust,only forgiveness can heal the brokenheart.

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