Friday, September 5, 2014

On Saturday Morning....

What a nice feeling..relaxing on saturday morning. This could be the last saturday of this  month before facing hectic life nextweek onwards..

MY DUTY half day (a.m)
* wake up to perform task as a  servant of Allah
* doing household chores
* doing light exercise ( since I've put up more weight.Ouh.that's so embrassing to tell actually.haha)
* called up a few close friends to catch up their recent life busy I am on Saturday morning.Once in a blue moon doing that actually.hmm..
Well, Ive agreed with my mom's opinion saying dat actually the busiest career and the lowest pay is being a housewife. She have said that even getting lowest pay in dunya , we'll get the highest pay in akhirat InsyaAllah if we are sincere enough choosing this job. Do u agree with that? ;-)

Oh My..the clock now shows 12.00pm already..Gotta go to prepare lunch..However I still have no idea what to cook actually..Idea...idea..please come..I really need u..haha..

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