Friday, September 2, 2011


sometimes in life we cant expect too much coz there is more permanent which will guarentee our permanent happiness in another world which are invisible to our eyes. instead of searching for people's fault it is better to seek our fault.In this life we should be grateful of what we have now. feel grateful that u have five sense given by god-eyes for us to look at the greatest scenery created by HIM,ears for u to hear only good things,mouth for u to eat,nose for u to breath,hand for u to hold something or someone that u love and etc.
Life is not about how people return ur love or how many people thanked u.Life is just about when u love them without hoping anything return and thanked them. Life is not about how many people hurt u. Life is about when u hurt people n u ask forgiveness from them.
Never feel dissappointed if someone did something which hurt u deeply..Love them as much as u can.
to my family,friends..i will love u for who u are not of what u have..

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