Wednesday, September 7, 2011

A story of a girl

Mira sat there,staring up at the sky...counting the infinity stay away from all her problems..wondering why all this happened to her.She had no clue or definite reason to explain all the obstacles which occured lately. A girl came and sat next to her. She patted mira's back and slided her arm around mira's shoulder showing her sympathy.Mira's eyes has already filled with tears coz she was touched by Diana's presence. She knew Diana would easily noticed the changes in her. Diana let her bestfriend crying badly. She would always be by Mira's side. Both of them then staring at the sky and looked at each other. Neither of them talked..they let their heart talked as though they can read each other's mind. Mira didnt have to tell Diana what was bothering her so much. After long hours spending time at the park,both of them headed to the hostel. In the middle of the night, while everyone was falling asleep, Mira on the other hand performed tahajjud prayer and cried badly on mat prayer. She was talking to God. Only He could understand what she truly felt. She did not complain to HIM.instead she felt grateful of what HE gave her cos the testament given,made her tough to face the obstacle ahead her. When she felt like everyone turned her down or feel like no one could understand her, she never feel sad as she knew that God will always listened to her.
The next day,she felt so alive n happy like she never felt before. She started her day by performing a prayer and reciting al-mathurat. She felt happier and happier day by day. and there was improvement in her exam. She spent most of her time praising to ALLAH who have helped her every second,every minute and everyday. and she thanked ALLAH for giving her to the family who have been a pillar of strength and her bestfriend who have been supportive and who can be trusted.
she believed that no matter what happened in life,always depends on ALLAH..

Apabila anda sunyi sepi,pd suatu hari
maka janganlah anda berkata; aku sunyi sepi
akan tetapi....
katakanlah : kepadaku ada Pemerhati

Janganlah anda menyangka,
bahawa Allah lalai sesaat pun
tiada yang dapat disembunyikan daripadaNYA
akan mnghilang sekejap pun...

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